Chinese cars & the “blue screen of death”

Chinese cars

Hub was reading an article last night and started muttering about the new cars being made in China.  I was dozing in the chair next to him and woke up laughing.

I turned to him and asked, “Are those the cars that you fill up and 20 miles later you have to fill them up again?”

Blue Screen of “Death”

Shortly after our little laugh-fest, I headed upstairs to get my bag ready for tonite’s class and print out my Psychology paper that’s due.

I think I’ve mentioned that all of my grad work is on the laptop that my next door neighbor gave to me a few years ago.  Things like the responses to my comprehensive exam that’s due next Saturday and I hope to complete and submit this weekend.

Wellllll …

Guess who received a fatal error message on start up and can’t get anything off her computer?  Yeah, it’s the same one who hasn’t saved her data to her external hard drive since early September.  And has a paper on there that needs to be submitted tonite.

I’m really trying to stay calm.  I even managed to get a few hours sleep last night, although that was a result of absolute exhaustion.

Hub’s going to try to recover my comp. exam responses.  I’m going to have to rewrite my paper for tonite’s class.

Worst case scenario: I have to rewrite my comp. exam responses.  Thank goodness that although I wanted to submit a week early, I still have time to recreate my answers if the data isn’t recoverable from the laptop.

You think I would have learned.

Flashback to April 1996 …

I am writing my final paper for my final class before I graduate with my B.A. from the University of West Florida.

The power goes out.

I hadn’t saved my work in at least 2 pages.

A plaintive wail could be heard rolling over the bay.

You know?  I really am a fairly intelligent person, despite my failure to save my important documents.

2 thoughts on “Chinese cars & the “blue screen of death”

  1. Wow … did you really have to rewrite it? Almost done … almost done … almost done … 🙂

    And then we’ll laugh about it after you graduate! 🙂


  2. I did rewrite my paper for tonite’s class and actually liked the second paper more than my initial attempt. The irony is I usually procrastinate and I actually had the paper written several days before the deadline.

    Hub … my hero … was able to recover my grad school folder (with the help of Mr. Gameshow Marathon) so I don’t have to spend the weekend redoing all the work I’ve done on my comps.


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