3 AM

My body’s telling me something but I can’t figure out what it’s saying. 

My eyes have popped open at 3am every morning since last Friday.  I scream at myself (inside my head, not out loud) to go back to sleep.  It’s worked every day until today.  I actually woke up earlier than “normal” because after I tossed and turned for a while, I turned to look at the clock and it was only 3:01. 

Oh.  Come.  On!

I know I’ve still got a lot on my plate with the Psychology paper due tomorrow and me nowhere being close to where I want to be to submit my comp exam responses by Sunday.   I don’t know if these two hurdles are what’s waking me up so early, but they could be.

Laura shared that in all the years she’s known me, she’s never known me to not have a full plate.  I told her a full plate is manageable.  My plate last week was ridiculous.  So I don’t think it’s because my plate’s full because it is less so than it was.

I was so wound up about yesterday’s events at school that it took me an unusually long time to finally fall asleep … and then to wake up a short 3 or 4 hours later?  It’s going to be such a long day today!

I left Hub a voicemail yesterday as I was leaving campus: “Go ahead.  Ask me how my day was.  I dare you.”

So he called me back.

Just as I pulled into our driveway. 

And, I’m sure you won’t believe this … I sat in the car talking to him on the phone … as he sat in the livingroom looking at me parked in our driveway.

Yeah.  It was THAT kind of day.

The highlight of it was when I had to complete a restraint form.  On myself.

Over nine years as an educator and yesterday was the first time I ever had to restrain a student.

The other admin intern and I debriefed the situation afterward and he asked me why I got involved.  I looked at him with one of those “you kiddin’ me?” looks that I seem to be infamous for and explained why I did it.  And yes, I was careful to protect all my “hurty parts.”  He still wasn’t convinced that it was safe for me to have restrained the kid on my own but I asked him what the alternative would have been?  Let the kid continue to wail on the other student?  I don’t think so.

I told him he worries too much.  “I’m a trained professional.” 

I was very thankful that when all was said and done, one of the adult witnesses to my restraint was one of my CPI trainers.

Wow.  Writing all this out has really helped because I can hardly keep my eyes open right now.

Think I’ll try to get some more shut-eye.  At least until my alarm goes off in 45 minutes.

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