Midweek Snippets


Have you tried the 100 calorie pack “Goldfish?”  I bought some yesterday and finally had 10 seconds this afternoon to open a packet.

I laughed!

They’re not goldfish, they’re guppies!


Hub’s birthday was yesterday.  Nobody in his family even acknowledged it.  He came home from school yesterday afternoon and was absolutely crushed.

I was angry at the lot of them and wanted to punch each and every one of them in the nose because maybe, just maybe, in some small way they’d feel physically what he’s felt emotionally for each of his last three birthdays.

Big Elephant

I am starting to stress … BAD … about not having the responses to my comprehensive exam drafted.  They’re due to the review panel no later than noon on November 1st. 

I had my cathartic meltdown tonite at dinner about all that’s due in the next two weeks and how I have no earthly idea how my plate got so darn full.  I am, after all, quite skilled at using the word, “No,” and I often exhort my staff to repeat the mantra: “No isn’t a naughty word.”

So …

I’ve got to concentrate on my comps this weekend. 

And put my portfiolio together for my internship prof to review on Monday. 

And finish my Educational Philosophy for my psychology class on Thursday. 

And then there’s the multitude of deadlines I have to meet in order to successfully close the first nine weeks next Friday. 

Holy cow.  I think I’m gonna throw up.



2 thoughts on “Midweek Snippets

  1. I just CAN’T believe Carl’s family! What’s wrong with them?!? For even his own PARENTS, who conceived and brought him into this world, to not acknowledge his birthday is absolutely cruel!!! Please give him extra hugs from me and Jesse and tell him he as a new “sister and brother” who will always remember his special day and let him know we are thinking of him!
    Girlfriend, I have never known you to NOT have an overflowing “plate” to deal with…I think you’ve got an addiction of some sort that just compels you to have a full plate all the time! Hang in there! You are AMAZING the way you always seem to handle that plate! I certainly couldn’t do it…so GO LISA! YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!!
    Lots of love to you, always!

  2. But Laura,

    Haven’t you heard?

    “Idle hands are the devil’s playground.”

    Seriously though …

    There’s a full plate (which I can handle) and a FULL PLATE (which isn’t).

    I’ll get through it. November 1st is just around the corner. : )

    Thanks for always being so supportive!

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