Sunday musings

I woke up around midnight to what sounded like thunder. I didn’t see any flashes of light coming through the blinds, so I thought I’d better get up and see what was going on.

Clear sky, I could actually see stars.

The sound continued so I peeked out the windows in the front of the house.


The booms continued. Were the troops practicing on the firing range?

I saw a flash of light as I walked back to the room where the princess stayed when she was here this summer and looked outside.

Imagine my surprise when I was treated to a most spectacular fireworks display!

The show went on for almost half an hour and I felt like it was all for me.

I crawled back into bed after the last firework had burst and couldn’t get to sleep. I was still thinking about the fireworks.

The logical side of me knows that the show was the culminating event for our town’s 50th anniversary celebration but the romantic side of me couldn’t stop thinking about the special gift that I had been given:

My very own fireworks show.

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