The Last Hurdle

I picked up my comprehensive exam yesterday!

I have five weeks to complete it. Three questions. Make my argument, provide appropriate examples, cite all sources. Piece of cake.

The graduate advisor for our college, Dr. Shoho, was also my applied research professor. There was a trio of us in that class over the summer and we were sitting together catching up on how our school year was going and what kinds of internship activities we’ve been working on when he walked in.

He looked at us and asked, “Hey, what are you doing here?” We all broke out into huge smiles and I said, “We didn’t have anything to do this afternoon and so we thought we’d travel all the way out here and hang out for an hour or so. What about you?” He was grinning back when he replied, “I was told that one of y’all was teaching a class on ‘Statistics Shoho’s Way’ and I thought I’d pop in to see how you were doing.”

And so begins the final leg of my journey toward graduation. The comprehensive exam is the last hurdle.

I clear this and it’s smooth sailing toward December 19th.

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