Too much

I must admit I’ve never been accused of caring too much.

Until yesterday.

It actually happened.


Once before school and again after school.

The circumstances around the conversations and who I spoke with doesn’t matter. What is truly amazing is the fact that I was told I care too much about my students.

I’m not trying to be their parents. Far from it. I want my students to learn that they need to advocate for themselves. That they need to take responsibility for their actions.

I told Hub about what had happened and how much it was bothering me that I care “too much” for my students.

His reply?

“Hon, you’re passionate about what you do. You want your students to be successful and you want them to make good choices. What was said as a criticism is actually a compliment. Maybe they wish they were more like you.”

He always knows just the right thing to say.

2 thoughts on “Too much

  1. I “ditto” Carl’s thoughts…we, as educators, can NEVER care too much! And we, the ones that DO CARE TOO MUCH are the ones that our students are going to remember 10 years down the road in a positive way…we ARE making impacts on their lives and they WILL BE grateful for our overabundance of CARE! So, just KEEP CARING TOO MUCH!

  2. You’re right about the caring. I work with many kids that have tough lives outside the school day. Sometimes WE are the only ones that do care.

    I hope your school year is running smoothly so far.


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