“Incredible women, I’ve gifted you today …”

So began the e-mail I sent out yesterday to several women I work with at the greatest junior high school in Texas. Some of the women I wrote to are friends and we’ve worked together for the past several years. Others are new to the campus and I really stepped out of my comfort zone by writing to them.

Prior to sending the e-mail, I placed a pink awareness ribbon notepad upon which I had written, “Do your BSE!” on the top page in their mailboxes. I hope they make the connection between the notepads and the e-mail because I closed the e-mail with the same “Do your BSE!” and didn’t sign my note on the pads.

I chose yesterday to gift these women because I knew it was the day before my sister-in-law’s first of five Komen races. I briefly shared her mom’s story and included the link to her blog chronicling her Run for the Cure during these next six weeks.

I can’t even begin to imagine the emotional toll this is taking on my sister-in-law and her father. What I can do is be here when she wants to talk, pray for her through her journey, and encourage others to do their BSE each month and schedule their annual mammograms.

So what about you?

Done your BSE yet this month?

There’s no time like the present.

2 thoughts on “BSE

  1. Yep I do my BSE about once a month, but no less than every other month. One of my co-workers just had a mastectomy and has been put through the ringer with chemo and is in the fight of her life! (her name is Anita, if you want to pray for her) AND, I got my first annual Mammogram the end of August and it came back NORMAL! Yay! I was really fretting over it…knowing that so many women, who have NO history of cancer in their family end up with breast cancer…after losing our co-worker last year and now seeing another go through it all really has me scared…I now know 10 women that have had breast cancer…that’s 10 too many! I applaud you for putting that message out to your co-workers…one can NEVER hear the reminders too much! You go, Girl!
    p.s. good luck on the walking! YOU CAN DO IT!

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