Something bigger than herself

My sister-in-law is an amazing woman. She has taken this year to do something really significant.

She’s committed to running five Komen for the Cure races in the next six weeks in honor of her mom who lost her battle to breast cancer in November of 1988.

Oh yeah, there’s one more thing:

She’s blogging her journey at her newspaper’s website.

Click here to follow her progress.

When we talked yesterday, I could hear the anxiousness in her voice. She is, as she put it, really putting a lot of herself “out there” for the whole world to see.

Well, my dear, the website launched this morning, just like you said it would. You’ve put yourself “out there” alright, and what you’re doing and the money you will help raise will touch the lives of many, many people that have been impacted by the ugliness of cancer.

I love you sis and I’m very proud of you.

Run, Kym, RUN!


2 thoughts on “Something bigger than herself

  1. It’s a pretty cool thing she’s doing. I hope she is able to raise a ton of money in addition to all the awareness she’ll be raising.

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