Inaugural visit

This was the week we all knew would come. The end of the honeymoon period. The grind of our school year is now in full swing.

Some of our students decided to test the boundaries. So did some of my teachers.

I came home most nights craving a 20 minute power nap and getting nothing but more “go, go, go” non-stop ’til I dropped into bed … most nights by 8pm.

Claudine made her inaugural appearance of the school year yesterday afternoon and didn’t leave until this afternoon shortly before I left campus. She can’t come to school too often. She managed to hurt the feelings of one of the new teachers and I’ll have to make amends on Monday.


On a positive note, I was given a couple of really cool “VP” projects to work on and I was glad for them! I learned a lot about the physical building of my campus. Something I definitely wouldn’t have known without getting to work on these projects.

So, what were they, you ask?

I worked on developing evacuation plans for students & staff to get out of the building in case of fire and then I went on “safari” to locate all the fire extinguishers in the building in preparation of the next fire marshal’s visit.

All real world, not theory.

Do I still want to be an administrator?


Now more than ever.


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