Oh yeah? Well we lasted longer than Mum & Da

I thought it would be fine.

We thought that since we work in the same district and go to school on the same night that we’d be able to manage with one vehicle.

We were wrong.

Tuesday, 5:30 pm

I was still waiting at my campus for Hub to come pick me up. The buses were late and he couldn’t leave until his students left for home.

If I had brought my running shoes, I’d have walked home.


Hub texts me that he needs me to be at his campus as close to 4:00 as possible so we could get to the engraver’s shop to pick up his name plate before they closed. I had a heck of a time shutting everything down and getting him over there before the shop closed.

Thursday, first night of school

I had to race home to take care of the poochies, stop for gas in the rain, race to pick up Hub and head to campus downtown for our evening classes. No time to even stop for dinner before class started.

We looked at each other and said at almost the same time: This isn’t working.


We bought a new car today.

I’m thrilled.

Hub’s thrilled.

And we lasted exactly three weeks longer than Mum & Da did before they bought their new car.

neener, neener


2 thoughts on “Oh yeah? Well we lasted longer than Mum & Da

  1. So you bought a new car??? Well, what did you get?!? I need details, girl, details! 😉 I am excited for you both, though. I have been talking to Jesse about getting a Honda CRV but I don’t think that’s gonna happen anytime soon. Enjoy the new car, that new car smell, and the freedom of not having to wait on each other!

  2. So, we knew you couldn’t survive with only 1 vehicle – just didn’t know how resistant you were to the envitable. Enjoy your freedom once again! Love, Mom

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