Growing thicker skin

Something happened yesterday that I allowed to eat at me the entire day.

Someone, not thinking, went to my new principal and made an idiot statement that called my professionalism into question.

It wasn’t the comment that bothered me. People not really knowing what I do all day make idiot comments all the time. I’m used to them. It was the fact that the person chose NOT to speak to me but to go over my head.

I told my new administrators last night before I left that I know that I need to work on growing thicker skin. One of my new vice principals is also working on this.

It’s not easy.

Both of us need to remember the wise words of Mac Anderson:

Every day we all have that same opportunity to make a positive difference in the lives of others. We can choose to mope about our lot in life, or we can decide to live in awe, touching hearts along the way.

Ah, yes…we all know ducks who make lots of noise, quacking and complaining about their problems in life. And then there are eagles who go about their business and consistently soar above the crowd.
Today, I choose to be an eagle with thicker skin.
How about you?

One thought on “Growing thicker skin

  1. Lisa~ I needed to “hear” your story today and I needed to read the statement Mac Anderson made! There are so many times my skin is just never thick enough and I let things get to me all the time. I am going to print out that statement and place it above my desk where I can read it all the time, and I think I will choose to be an eagle from now on! THANK YOU for sharing your story and touching me with it! You go, Girl!!! {{{Hugs!}}}

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