2 dog job

I received a phone call from Hub this afternoon:

Hub: “Did you come home for lunch?”
Me: “No. Why?”
Hub: “Well, Panza was out and the gate door was open …”
Me: (laughing) “Oh really?”

I tell ya, it must be the breed.

We had another basset hound years ago that we could not keep penned up to save our lives. We called him the “Felon” because whenever he got out, the base police would pick him up and take him to animal control. He even spent the weekend in the poky once because we had left him outside when we went to Jesse & Laura’s wedding and the little criminal decided he’d have none of that and busted out of the backyard.

But I digress …

I know it was a joint venture because the left-side of the gate was pushed in toward the kitchen … Quixote had to have done that … and we figure he held the door open for Panza to run through.

Not bad for two canines with no opposable thumbs.


2 thoughts on “2 dog job

  1. Ohhhh Lisa…………I know ALL too well about how 2 dogs can scheme and come up with some crazy antics! But one thing you didn’t share…was Panza inside the house or did he end up OUTSIDE?!? And, if he ended up outside, did you track him down (and was Quixote with him???) And yes, I well remember all the stories you’d share about your “Houdini” when you lived on Beale AFB! He was something else! 🙂

  2. The boys stay inside while we’re gone. A lesson learned from our first little “HouNdini" as Hub just called him.

    We had the carpets steam cleaned a few weeks ago and so we bought a tall & strong child gate made out of metal so Quixote wouldn't shred it to pieces.

    Hub left for school after me yesterday and didn't pen Quixote up with Panza.

    With one canine on one side of the gate and one on the other, we figure THAT's how our little miscreants were able to somehow jimmy the door open.

    What can I say: lesson learned!

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