August 11th

I worked registration for the best junior high school in Texas the last three days. It was SO great to see all my work friends and it was a fantastic opportunity to meet and work with my new administrative team. All in all a good experience.

The world’s greatest librarian and I headed down to the lounge yesterday to grab a quick bite for lunch and were talking to our new Head Cheese as we raced on by her. She asked if we were heading for lunch and I said we were going to take a couple laps around the building to warm up first. She knew what I meant … the new air conditioner works REALLY well … and we headed on our way.

I stopped and chatted with her on my way back from lunch and, on a whim, asked her if she wanted to Rock ‘n’ Roll in November. She looked at me and asked, “You mean the marathon on the 16th?” I was pleased she knew what I was talking about! We talked a bit longer and I told her I’d send her the link to register.

She stopped by my table a little later and asked if anybody else from our campus was going to do it. I rattled off several names and she was clearly very impressed that so many of our staff was involved. I actually forgot a few people and so when I e-mailed her the link, I shared a few more names that I remembered and told her that I was sure to be forgetting some people.

Which leads me to why I chose to title this post with Monday’s date.

Time to kick my training into serious gear.

and Monday’ll mark the T-minus twelve weeks mark ’til I Rock ‘n’ Roll!


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