and I will miss her

Tuesday is fast approaching and it’ll soon be time to take the Princess to Grandma’s house for the final leg of her trip before heading home and kindergarten.

And I’m going to miss her:

~ I’m going to miss her crawling into bed at 3am and curling up in the small of my back; scooting closer to me each time I move so much so that I actually fell out of bed one night because I was already on the edge of the bed when she crawled in.

~ I’ll miss the many questions beginning and ending with “Why” and the incredible wisdom of looking at life through the eyes of a child.

~ I’ll miss the evening routine of her reading to me and then me reading to her and of listening to the morning conversations between Hub and the Princess while she practices her handwriting.

~ I’ll miss hearing her professions of love throughout the day and again just before she goes to sleep.

I’ll miss HER.

And even though I know she’s going to have fun at grandma & grandpa’s house, I wish time wouldn’t fly by so fast! I wish the seconds of time would drag by so slowly tomorrow that the final hours she spends here with us feel like a lifetime.

This past week has been amazing & I’d do it all over again in a heartbeat.


One thought on “and I will miss her

  1. I’m so glad my daughter has brought such joy to you and Carl. What a wonderful time she has had. Thank you for what you are in her life.

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