A Weekend with the Absent-Minded

Scene 1:

Hub & I had run downtown the other day to wrap up the last of the business he had with his former school district. Since it was close to lunch time, we decided to eat at the restaurant across the street from our university campus.

We walked in and stood behind a man that appeared to be waiting in line to check in with the hostess. The line began moving, he didn’t. Hub asked him if he was in line and his reply was that he worked there. So, Hub & I started to move on toward the hostess, only to hear the man say:

“Hey, it’s been several years and a few pounds! Don’t you even recognize me?”

Awkward silence as Hub & he stared at each other.

A note: I didn’t recognize the guy, either.

Turns out that the three of us had gone to college together. And he & Hub were fraternity brothers.


He & Hub exchanged e-mail addresses and I think we might be getting together with him and his wife in the next few weeks.

Scene 2:

Hub & I were working out in the back yard clearing low branches and undergrowth. Okay, HE was working. I was lounging. I’d spent the previous three hours in the front yard clearing out my flower beds.

I was looking at the water faucet and wondering why it looked crooked. So, being the obsessively compulsive person that I am, I strolled over to it, wriggled it to move it toward plumb

and snapped the pipe clean off.

Water was gushing everywhere … Hub came running over and said, “Oh no! We have to call the plumber!” And stayed right where he was, staring at the geyser. I turned to him and said, “You need to go call the plumber. NOW!” While he was talking to the plumber trying to figure out where to cut the water (he ended up having to cut the water at the main line) I was looking for something to avert the gush from continuing to shoot up under the hardyboard. I found a bucket. Tipping it over to catch the geyser worked like a charm.

Hub got the water cut off, the plumber came and fixed my boo-boo, and God love him, he bolted the pipe to the wall.


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