Once upon a time, I was really excited about my final semester of grad school. The only classes I have left to take are my internship and that silly psychology class I should have taken my first semester but it never seemed to fit into my schedule.

I just read an e-mail from the second of our vice principals. Her husband just accepted a job offer outside the area which means that she and her family are moving.

What does this mean, you may be asking?

Well, Head Cheese was promoted up to the high school in mid May which meant that we received a new principal.

Triathlete accepted a VP position closer to his home last month, which means that we were going to receive a new vice principal.

With our other VP now leaving, this means that our campus will have an entirely new administrative team when we arrive on campus next month.

And the trio I was looking forward to interning with for my principalship?


Every. single. one.

It’s going to be a whole new ballgame in the front office. As far as my department goes, I’ve got six, maybe seven new team members and tonite’s board meeting will finalize who my new Director is.

Gaaugh! How much more change can happen between now and the 15th of August?

Thankfully, I’ve been working like a mad woman since I finished my semester so that the new school year for my department will start smoothly and so I can totally immerse myself in my internship. I have no idea what the personalities will be like up in the front office as I begin my internship in a few weeks. All the years of building trust and developing relationships … now I have to start all over again.

From scratch.


Change is good.


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