The Princess and the Godfather

The Writer & the Major have granted their little Princess a Texas-sized extravaganza this summer. She’s spending three weeks here in the Lone Star state, sans parents, before heading back home with the Writer early next month.

Hub & I are excited about participating in our own family version of the Baby Borrowers. I finished her room a couple of days ago and I am pretty pleased with my work. The child’s going to want for nothing (except maybe a little drawer space for her clothes … typical girl) during her stay at the casa. I was telling Mum that there are shelves loaded with stuffed animals, tons of books & games & coloring books & colored pencils & markers, and a very special surprise all waiting for her arrival.

One of the benefits of having my classroom undergo renovation, and being married to a former elementary school teacher (Hub starts his tenure as a secondary school teacher next month), is our garage is chock full o’ school supplies. We brought all of his sets of early reader chapter books upstairs along with my extra whiteboard. I created a small, but very extensive library from each set of books and then I mounted the board “kindergarten” height so she can either sit down or stand up and draw (on the board) to her heart’s content.

I did say on the board, right?

I hope our little princess is going to have fun here with her Godparents. Hub’s been walking around for the past week, holding out his hand and saying, “My name is Don Carlo, you may kiss my ring.” What a goof.

Between Hub walking & talking like Marlon Brando and the ball of energy also known as the Princess, Aunt Lisa is in for one heck of a fun time!

One thought on “The Princess and the Godfather

  1. That sounds so wonderful, Lisa and Carl 🙂 I know she is going to love her time there!!!

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