Technical difficulties

We went to dinner with our next-door neighbors last weekend. Our dinner conversation turned to ceiling fans and how the blue do-it-yourself store up on the highway was having a sale and they bought three with remote controls … yada, yada, yada.

Well … Hub & I have remote controls on the fans in the living room and the family room. We’ve had a ghost messing with the remote for the living room fan since last Sunday. The light would go with no warning and the fan speed would increase, again with no warning.

All the weirdness reminded me of the trials & tribulations Mum & Da are having with their stereo system. It turns on unexpectedly … the volume increases to deafening decibels and the only way to get any peace is to unplug the whole system.

Wireless wasn’t meant to make our lives miserable, and yet …

I suspect that our next-door neighbors have their ceiling fan remotes on the same frequency as ours and, since we’ve had our’s longer, they need to change their frequency.

Either that or anytime they start messing around with their remote, I’ll use my remote to turn their fans off.

; )


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