Adding fuel to the fire

I’ve been working this past week on preparations for the new school year. I just finished my second reading of How Full is Your Bucket, which is one of the books that I want my team to experience this next school year. The other book is Good to Great. I haven’t started reading that one yet. Take that back, I think I’m on chapter 2 or 3 and just starting to get to the “meat” of the book.

The reason for the motivational books is because I really want my team to have an excellent school year.

And if I’m fortunate enough to get hired as an administrator after this next school year, I want the team that I’ve worked so hard to gel into a cohesive body to be able to continue pursuing our goal of being the best special education department in the district.

I’m meeting with a couple of my teammates in a few weeks and I hope I can verbalize my vision to them and that they will be able to buy into it, own it, and spread the word to other members of our team.

I’ve got my practice test for the principalship next Saturday. One more hurdle to cross before graduation in December. The only other major hurdle I’ll need to successfully negotiate is the comprehensive exam. I won’t receive it until sometime in early October and I’m told I’ll have a month to complete and submit it for scoring. The good Lord willing, it’ll be due at least a couple weeks before the Rock ‘n’ Roll so I can use those precious last days to mentally prepare for what I’m thinking will be my last half marathon.

Once November 16th is in the history books, I want to extend my mileage and train for a full marathon. I’m not exactly sure when I’ll do that. Most likely November 2009. Then I think I might want to “tri” something different.

And I’ve wandered off onto a tangent …

I am getting pretty pumped about the new school year. New principal (Head Cheese moved up to the high school) and a new assistant principal (Triathlete left the district for a job closer to his home) and FIVE new staff members added to my department’s team! Lots of changes. It’s definitely going to be an exciting year for us at the greatest junior high school in Texas, that’s for sure!

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