To boldly go

Got the Spook all set up with his WebCam yesterday. Two down, two to go and then the whole clan will be connected.

Whoop-ee! Don’cha just love “Star Trek technology?”

I was thinking about the term a few days ago and reminiscing about the time the technology went awry …

Flashback to Hub & my undergrad days at the University of West Florida. Ah yes, I remember it well: we were late for class and were running through the (inappropriately named) Great Hall. We nicknamed it the “so-so” hall because it really wasn’t that “Great.”

But I digress …

So we were running through the Great Hall and heading for the sliding doors when ***BAM!*** I slammed in to the fool thing because the technology hadn’t gauged my speed. It was worse than those 409 commercials when the guy’s trying to walk through a clean window.

Yeah, Hub laughed, although he denies it every time I bring it up.

Sad thing is, twelve years later and I still wince and hesitate a brief nanosecond whenever I have to walk through an automatic sliding door.

On the other hand, I LOVE my cute little flip phone! It’s cute and it’s red and I just bought a couple of ringtones for it so I don’t have to listen to the “ring, ring” on the rare occasions somebody calls me on my cell.

Speaking of … unlike my previous cell phone that I couldn’t hear anything or anyone on, I can hear just fine and wish people would call me on it. Oh yeah, and I keep this one on almost all the time.

So call me! I’m pathetically begging now.

I have digressed yet again …

Which brings me back to the WebCam. One of my first conversations with anyone about our little addition was with the Writer. She asked how it worked and who I have talked to on it. my answer to the first part was, “I have no idea” and the answer to the second, “nobody. I have no life.” Seriously, it’s hard being the trendsetter because there really was nobody I knew to talk to on the WebCam.

Fortunately for Hub & me, Queen Mum & Da ran out the next day and bought one. So the four of us were able to play around with all the cool buttons and figure out how it worked.

So yesterday the Spook joined our little clan of WebCammers. Mum says the Pilot and his krewe are just about ready to make the plunge and I’m hoping the Major & Writer aren’t too far behind.

Poor Mum … the week after we both bought our WebCams, she was on EVERY NIGHT waiting for me to sign on so we could chat. I was still heavily immersed in my summer semester and wasn’t on the ‘puter for anything more than writing papers.

I still have her plaintive message she sent sometime during that week: “was hoping you would be on tonite, but I guess you’re not …” only because genius me can’t figure out how to delete it.

Ah, but I’ve digressed yet again …

Star Trek technology … where the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the one.

2 thoughts on “To boldly go

  1. Yes, Lisa, there is a Santa Claus. So exactly what does that quote mean – I have no idea but thought that I’d share it with you anyway. T’was fun talking to Kev yesterday even though the audio of him was not good, he just had to get the top of the line webcam so that our bottom of the ladder isn’t so compatable. Love, Mom

  2. “Tne needs of the many outweigh the needs of the one” classic Star Trek, Mom! Spock last said it before he died to save his friends.

    I really think that there were a bunch of users on the internet on a Sunday afternoon causing the network difficulties and it had nothing to do with the Spook getting the model that he did …

    Love you, too!

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