Sing-a-long with Quixote & Panza

THEY say that you shouldn’t encourage bad behaviors in animals, else said animals continue to display bad behaviors.

THEY didn’t specify what are defined as bad behaviors. Some are obvious … no pee or poo in the house, no chewing the carpets, furniture, or window sills. For some, add no pets on the furniture.

The following No-No ends up near the top of Hub’s list however it doesn’t even hit the top twenty for me:

No howling in the house.

I’ve been coaxing Panza to howl for the past couple of months during our morning “sing-a-longs.” Hub hates it.

Quixote has his very own song that he howls to. And we discovered it quite by accident.

Hub & I were watching TV a few weeks ago when Quixote sat up and let loose the most plaintive-sounding howl that we had ever heard.

We thought he was in pain and we were upset that we couldn’t figure out why he was upset. And we didn’t remember what we were watching at the time.

Flash forward to this past Friday when I came home from school and heard Hub upstairs giggling about something. Curious, I scrambled upstairs to see what was going on. He had figured out why Quixote was howling.

He hates the Beach Boys. Specifically, their song, “Good Vibrations.”

Ah ha!

I decided to watch a bit o’ telly this morning while eating breakfast. I was watching the tail-end of the movie, Wild Hogs, and what song do you think was playing during the beach scene? You guessed it. Mystery solved on what we were watching when Quixote found his voice. I had both poochies with me at the time and I was serenaded by the duo through the remainder of the movie.

My sweet poochies. Life is never dull here at the casa.

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