Independence Day

Hub, the royal poochies, and I went to the Chateau and celebrated the 4th with Queen Mum & Da yesterday.

We didn’t realize we would be the active participants in a real live, up close & in person Independence Day: the wren hatchlings “flew the coop,” so to speak. It was amazing, traumatic, exhilarating, you name it, we probably felt it.

The four of us were playing Wii bowling (the only kind of bowling where I can consistently kick everybody’s butt) while keeping tabs on the little wrens that had built a nest in Mum’s begonias.

We watched the parents flitting in and out of the nest with food for their two hatchlings for a good couple of hours. The most amazing things started happening all at once:

One of the little hatchlings poked its little head up out of the nest … then the other one … AND THEN a third head appeared! There were three little buggers in that tiny nest and they were all starting to hop up onto the rim of the nest and stretch their tiny little wings.

The real drama began when one of the hatchlings fell out of the nest. Mum went out onto the patio to pick it up and place it back in the nest. Turns out the little bugger had taken a header onto the tile and died. What Mum didn’t see, but I did, was THREE little hatchlings all jump out of the nest as soon as she bent down to pick up their dead sibling. The hatchlings all hopped into the lush undergrowth of petunias, geraniums, and other flora that Mum has growing just off the patio.

The two were actually FOUR hatchlings!

We watched the parents flit back and forth making sure their surviving three babies were safe and then we were treated to the spectacle of the trio hopping back onto the patio and flitting onto the legs of the patio chairs, plant stands, and whatever else their curious little selves could hop onto or quickly fly to in a short distance.

It was amazing.

Mum called a little while after my little family had returned home to share that while she was outside taking pictures of her little brood, one of the babies flew onto her shoulder. Just like a scene out of a fairy tale where the woodland creatures flock to the heroine of the story.

How cool is that?

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