Singin’ those Enron blues

Ah, the last week of school!

Time to wrap up lessons, administer final exams, submit end-of-year reports, shred.

It’s times like these when I realize exactly how uncoordinated I really am. I was off in my own little world while I was shredding old student documents and pretending that I was an office worker at Enron during that company’s last days before “the end” when the shredder started shrieking for me to empty the basket.

I got my huge bag and tipped the shredder basket over

and missed the bag.

My intern looked at me and in a tone most mothers use with their toddlers when they spill their milk. “Oh Lisa,” she groaned.

Yeah, confetti everywhere.

We got the mess cleaned up and placed the bag ‘o shred in the recycling bin. Only to have one of my students come in later and mistake it for a pile of leaves and flop on it.

Foop! The bag burst open and confetti went everywhere.

I couldn’t help but laugh. I mean, can you imagine this happening in a stuffy old office building?


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