What I Learned This Year

The Language Arts department at the world’s greatest junior high school compiles an annual list of things they learned this year. I thought I’d generate my own list and post it here. Feel free to join me by posting what you learned in the comments section … or provide a link to your blog so everyone can share in the fun 😀

What I learned this year:

~ if you ask a triathlete for motivational advice on days when you’re feeling educationally challenged, be prepared to hear “Run faster, run farther” and “Breathe in, breathe out”

~ if you expect adults to model correct behaviors for students, you must first model those correct behaviors to the adults

~ even when I don’t think I’ll make a good administrator, Head Cheese does

~ there are only 24 hours in a day for a reason

~ if the task is important enough, working on it until 3am actually pays off

~ I really can survive on less than two hours sleep

~ taking Education Law and Educational Finance at the same time is possible. Insane, but possible.

~ if you don’t go to class, don’t expect to make an “A” for the semester, no matter how much work you put in to the projects you submit

~ the older I get, the longer it takes for ankle injuries to heal

~ I can enter any kind of race and do well, but my ego only wants to enter the longer distance events

and the most important thing I learned this year:

~ no matter how tired & crabby I get, my Hub will stick by me and cheer me on until I complete whatever project I’m involved in

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