Easin’ on down the road

Hub came home from work the other day grumbling about having to pay our neighbor’s salary again. I had no idea what he was talking about until he reminded me that Mr. GameShow Marathon works for our local petroleum distributor.

Hub & I have been feeling the pinch at the gas pump just like everybody else in America and he was SO excited when he was offered a teaching position in my district because it meant that he could get a “wife-sanctioned” new vehicle. Here’s a picture of it in blue … and the picture actually does do it justice. You’re not seeing things, this little baby does have two wheels up front. We’re talking a 2 gallon tank and somewhere around 63 miles to the gallon. Sweet! Oh yeah, and if he was standing over my shoulder while I type this, Hub would want me to also mention that it’s top speed is about 90 miles per hour.

Not that he’d ever have to drive that fast, mind you.

We were at the local Vespa dealership this afternoon, along with hordes of other people looking for economical ways to continue to get to work. I kid you not, the place was packed! As soon as we moved away from this little baby, three other customers were ready to jump on and check it out for themselves.

If I am fortunate enough to negotiate an administrative job in my district, I told Hub I will most likely be joining him in the local Scooter club (no joke, they do exist) and tool on down the road on my own little Vespa.

In yellow.

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