A night with the Optimists

Gather ’round tatertots and I’ll tell you a tale …

I got to give away $400 in savings bonds tonite! It was the most thrilling and touching thing I’ve been honoured to do in my nine years as an educator.

Our local Optimist’s Club sent out a call to the two junior high schools in my district asking for nominees for their semi-annual awards dinner. They wanted to honor a 7th grade boy & girl and an 8th grade boy & girl.

I nominated four of my students. And they were all chosen!

When Head Cheese gave me the news, I was touched. I then got to thinking about it and I told Hub what I thought:

1) I was the only one from my campus to nominate anyone;
2) My writing skills were SO phenomenal that I wowed the Nominating Committee with my recommendations about each student;
3) I was the only one from my campus to nominate anyone AND I have phenomenal writing skills.

Regardless of why they were chosen … I got to do something really incredible tonite.

I sat with the family of one of my honorees. The family of one of my other students was sitting right behind me. Both mothers were beaming so brightly and I was humbled.

Both moms told me that they were absolutely thrilled that their children were being honored, that this award meant more to their children than I could ever imagine, that they were touched that I cared so much about their children to do this for them.

And I almost cried.

Right there.

In front of God and everyone.

Because these weren’t just “any” awards for athletic or academic excellence. These awards are given to students that are historic struggling students. Students that have to work harder than their peers just to get a “C.”

These are the kids that I work with on a daily basis. The ones that are easily overlooked. The ones that will never have an easy road ahead of them.

And I got to do something really, really good for them.

It was one of the greatest nights of my life and I don’t think I’ll ever forget it.

One thought on “A night with the Optimists

  1. You certainly are the very best teacher that I have ever met – and an extraordinarily talented writer to boot!! I’m so proud of you, Lisa. Love you, Mom

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