My laptop “died” a few weeks ago over Spring Break. I was in a panic. It wouldn’t turn on when I pressed the little blue button. The orange battery recharge light wouldn’t go off. It is a dinosaur in terms of age. Not to mention it was a “give-away” from our techie next door neighbor. But still …

I was upset.

Until I pulled out the instruction manual and read that a) the little blue button is NOT the on button; and b) the orange light won’t go off until the battery is fully recharged.

After figuring these two little gems out, I was able to relax while the little laptop got a long, long charge before I attempted to turn it on using the correct “on” switch.

Anybody that knows me knows that I am touched with the gift of OCD. You tell me that the only way to do something is “this” way, I’ll do it that way every. single. time.

Sooooo now I have two little obsessions to add to my list of compulsions and Hub absolutely loves me for them. Not.

He was using the laptop a few nights ago and didn’t have it plugged in. The conversation went something like this:

Me: be sure to watch your battery level. It doesn’t stay charged for more than an hour.

Hub: I’ve got plenty of time.

{5 minutes later}

Me: you better plug it in, there’s not much battery life left.

Hub: Hon, I’ve got plenty of time.

{30 minutes later}

Me in a panicked voice: Hon, pleease plug it in!

Hub: oh for the love of … ALRIGHT!

Hub was doing some research last night on the laptop and moved from one seat to another and the ‘puter came unplugged. I watched him to see if he was going to plug it back in.

He didn’t.

I waited 10 excruciating minutes.

He still didn’t.

I got up and moved the cord around the chair he was sitting in and plugged the ‘puter back in.

He looked at me and asked, “That really bothers you when I don’t use the electrical cord, doesn’t it?”

You think?

The Major admitted to also having a touch of OCD in a column he wrote about a year ago. Queen Mum ‘fessed up to passing along the procrastinator gene to the both of us. No need to wonder which one we received the OCD gene from …


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