Looking Forward

The last day of class is usually bittersweet for me.

I look forward to the not having to deal with the stress of project deadlines … only because I, like the Major, inherited the Procrastinator gene. I haven’t figured out from which parent, though. I guess I’ll have to investigate that sometime.

I also look forward to not having to race from the campus (where I teach) in the middle of a project so I can get to class on time. My priority was on my day job this semester and I ended up missing several classes. My counselor was actually annoyed that I left campus on time this afternoon! I told her I had to. I had missed last week to work on a project with her so we could meet Head Cheese’s next-to-impossible deadline of 10am the next morning. Besides, this was the last class and I had put tons of time into my final project and I was going to turn it in and be in class on time today, doggone it. I told her she has my full and undivided attention every day for the rest of this week. That seemed to appease her.

I’m also looking forward to spending more time with Hub. We don’t spend much, if any, time together during our semesters. We’re always studying, researching, writing papers, or preparing presentations.

The one thing I am absolutely looking forward to is something I know you’ll laugh about:

I can not wait for the craziness to begin all over again next semester!


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