Equal Opportunity Forgetter

Let me start out with saying that I actually didn’t forget anybody’s birthday over the last year. What I managed to forget doing was let y’all know that I was thinking of you on your respective birthdays and if it makes you feel any better, I did offer up a prayer on your behalf on your special day.

A few of you … the Spook and the Writer … oh and the Major … actually received a brief apology for forgetting your birthday.

For the rest of you: I am so, so sorry that I didn’t get a card in the mail or picked up the phone to offer my birthday wishes to you.

To the Pilot’s Wife: welcome to the fabulous 40’s! It’s not nearly as bad as we were told it would be. I’m four years in and don’t feel a day over 28. I hope you can relate.

To the Pilot: Dude, you celebrated your birthday in Florida? I am so jealous! Hope you had a terrific one.

To the Pilot’s ground crew: hey guys … your aunt’s thinking of you and I hope you had nice birthdays. To the oldest … we’ve got this little thing called “no pass, no play” down here in Texas. I think you know where I’m going with this one, don’t ya?

To my very good friend who mistakenly received Hub’s “sweet nothings” e-mail: Girlie, you & I need to sit down and do some serious catching up! Happy, happy belated birthday.

I actually managed to remember one very dear friend’s birthday AND get a card in the mail in time for her to receive it before her birthday. You know who you are and I’m tickled to pieces that you enjoyed the card!

If y’all were keeping track, I also managed to forget to send out Christmas cards this past year.

I hearby make a New Year’s resolution to get cards in the mail well ahead of time so that y’all actually know I’m thinking about you and you don’t have to guess.

What’s that, New Year’s Day was four months ago?

Ummmm … better late than never?


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