To boldly go, part II

In the interest of “full disclosure,” I told Head Cheese that I’m going to go ahead and submit my paperwork for the dream job I wrote about in my last post.

He’s all for it. Couldn’t be happier. Yada, yada.

He called me in to his office later yesterday morning.

Stern look.

Pointed to the short seat on the other side of his desk.

I had no idea what had happened. I was in a meeting off campus for part of the morning and I thought the worst had occurred while I was away.

He looked at me and asked:

Did you know that your Director of Special Education tendered his resignation at last night’s board meeting?


I was so totally thrown by that question. But wait, it got better:

So Lisa, before you throw your hat into the ring at the other district, why don’t you get the paperwork started here for his job?

As if anyone could catch me as I ran down the hall to get the ball rolling!

2 thoughts on “To boldly go, part II

  1. Well, well, can’t say that I’m surprised. After all, you’re so awsome, so glad that your boss knows it too. Congratulations and hopefully all good things will come to fruition. Love, Mom

  2. You go, Girl! Not only chase your dream, but LIVE it! I’ll be saying all sorts of positive prayers for you!

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