The circle of life

Have you read the news stories about how kids are more technologically proficient than adults?

Believe them.

I have been working with the school counselors on a new template for our testing rosters for the past several days. We tried a couple of templates from districts both within and outside our service region and we liked merits of some but there wasn’t any one particular model that we felt would completely suit our unique needs.

We wished we could figure out how to create our own document.

Well, we did it! It took a whole lot of perseverance on our parts but we figured out how to manipulate Excel so that we could create a template that had everything in it that we wanted.

The moment I figured out how to create a drop down menu in a cell, I jumped up with a shout and jigged a happy dance of glee. I ran down to the counselor’s office to share the good news and

both of the counselors were out.

Oh well! I shared my joy with the counselor’s secretary. Hee hee hee!

I headed back to my classroom to work on other stuff and then raced back to the counselor’s office to see if they had returned. Luck!

So we finished the template and the data was loaded into the roster. Yay!

I just HAD to share all this good news with the World’s Greatest Librarian. She was just as excited as I was that we had figured out new ways to use the Excel program.

And the two students that were in the library serving as assistants laughed.

Just wait. Before they know it, they’ll be “out technologied” by their younger brothers and sisters.

Then who’ll be laughing?

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