High school and heroes

When I was in high school, my Principal’s name was Mr. Jungman (pronounced “young man”). I remember that he had a very thick Texas drawl and he added one or two syllables to just about every word he spoke.

Mr. Jungman read the morning announcements each day and I remember giggling every time he made an announcement about the kids in the school’s Jazz band. The reason? Whenever he announced the instruments, he’d say “and on gee-tar was …”

I was a “California girl” stuck in a country high school in Texas.

Gee-tar. Hilarious for a teen who thought she was “all that.”

Flash forward several years …

Hub and I were talking last night about one of his students and how he knows all these 80’s songs. I asked Hub how the kid knew them. He said that the kid’s dad had bought him a new game that had the songs on it. “Something Hero,” Hub said.

“Gee-tar Hero?” I asked. Hub doubled over in a fit of laughter.

Thank you, Mr. Jungman.

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