Race day wrap up

The Cougars against Cancer entered the Komen Race for the Cure and I convinced my colleagues to enter the 5k competitive event in order to avoid the strollers, puppies, and banners.

We couldn’t find the booth with the timing chips until just before heading for the starting area. And because we got to the race a little after I had planned, we didn’t get up to the starting line with our racing event and ended up starting with the noncompetitive walkers.

It took about 10 minutes to even get to the starting line from where we actually started and when we finally crossed the starting line, I asked my colleagues if they saw a timing pad or rug anywhere for us to step on. Nobody did.

We jogged a little, walked a lot and had a great time. There wasn’t any one point when I was able to maintain a consistent pace, so I didn’t worry too much about my finish time.

Until I checked the stats.

I always have two goals when I enter a race:

1) finish
2) don’t come in last

Well, I finished.

And according to the Komen website, I was the last one in with a timing chip.

What stinks is I KNOW I wasn’t the last one in from the competitive division because there were several other racers with blue bibs that couldn’t find the booth to pick up their timing chips and we SAW them mix in with the noncompeters … not to mention we finished the race somewhere toward the beginning of the 30,000 participants in the noncompetitive event.

I DEFINITELY wasn’t the last one to finish the race.

Stinkin’ timing chip.

3 thoughts on “Race day wrap up

  1. You go, girl! I believe you that you weren’t the LAST one!
    And, may I add a big “thank you” for participating in the race…another one of my Speech Therapist collegues was diagnosed a couple weeks ago…it’s getting scarier and scarier…who’s next???

  2. Let’s just pray it’s not us.

    So, Laura … what’cha giving yourself for your birthday this year? Does it start with mammo and end in gram?


  3. You betcha! I even know the Radiologist who will read the films (she’s in my art class and said she’d be happy to read the films). After the mammo, I am going to give myself (& Jess) a long weekend in Monterey – we’re both taking my birthday off from work and leaving that morning for a relaxing, rejuvinating weekend! Ask me if I am excited about that!!! 🙂

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