Guess who got to make an impromptu presentation before the School Board tonite?


The superintendent introduced the grant process and explained that the district’s HR guy was going to make the presentation along with a representative from each of the participating campuses.

Oh. my. gosh! A little bit more warning would have been nice.

But in the end, all I can say is: thank goodness I’ve made the pitch for our plan to three different audiences before this evening!

I still say I need more practice with public speaking, though.

I still break out in hives and when I’m really nervous (like I was tonite) my vocal chords constrict so I can hardly talk.

Sure could have used a glass of water up there!

And how was I? Brilliant, of course. I anticipated their questions and answered them before they could be asked. I pitched the entire plan for our campus. I explained why we included every single person on our campus … from the custodial staff to the principal … and why we couldn’t not write them into the plan …

Because we’re all family and we ALL want our students to succeed.

Oh and one more thing …

The Board approved our application.


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