The best Spring Break ever

Hub & I were reflecting on this week and have about come to the conclusion that this has been the best Spring Break we’ve ever had …

since we began teaching, that is.

I can’t really define what made it “the best” or even “better” than other breaks.

It might be because I didn’t have any projects due next week … or maybe because I’m not about to let any of the little conflicts or stresses from school bother me.

Whatever the reason, this has been one nice and relaxing week.

Hub & I took Queen Mum & Da to lunch yesterday. We had planned an afternoon at the newly renovated Japanese Tea Gardens after lunch and so off we meandered to the park where the Tea Gardens are located.

We encountered quite a site! I’m talking the mass of humanity crowding the park, queuing at the entrance to the zoo, staking out campsites for Easter weekend, and everywhere in between!

We did eventually make it to the Tea Gardens and enjoyed wandering around looking at the flowers and hunting for koi in the ponds. It was a bit crowded and I chuckled every time I heard a kid complain to their parent that “this is boring!” Well, duh! No animals (go to the Zoo) and no rides (hey, Six Flags isn’t too far down the road) … just flowers & fish.

Our digital camera is very temperamental and so I reached for my cell phone to take a picture of whatever it was that caught my eye and noticed that the Writer had text-messaged me. So we traded a few texts back and forth … she was stuck in a meeting and trying to stay awake while we were outside enjoying the first day of spring in the gorgeous Texas sunshine. Yeah, I rubbed it in a little bit.

Mum & I are heading out of town in a little bit for our annual Spring Break road trip. We’re going a little bit north and west this year to Wimberly and then back into San Marcos to raid the stores at the outlet mall. Another terrific day off!

Like I said, this has been the best Spring Break ever!

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