Customer Service

Hub doesn’t fill his windshield washer fluid thingy on his truck.

I do.

And it’s usually immediately after I need to use it to clean the windshield so I can drive the truck and I find that there’s no fluid to wash the windshield.

I bought a gallon of fluid at the grocery store when I went to buy some food for the royal poochies.

I hefted the bag of food into the bed of the truck, popped the hood open, and started pouring the fluid in the proper container.

The gentleman in the truck (hey, this is Texas … everybody has AT LEAST one truck!) in front of me was waiting for someone to come out of the store and got out to see if he could be of assistance.

He had Florida plates and a drawl that told me he was from the same part of the state that Hub & I used to live in:

He: ma’am can I be of any assistance?
Me: oh, no thanks. I’m just filling the windshield wiper fluid for my husband.
He: did you know you can stop by any ExpressLube and ask them to check your fluid levels and they’ll top everything off for free?
Me: Really! I did not know that!
He: oh yes ma’am. I work at the one on Pat Booker and we’ll be glad to be of service whenever you’re in the area.
Me: (very impressed) I will be sure to stop by!

And then he handed me a coupon for 1/2 off my next oil change!

Because of this brief conversation I am now a customer for life.

Hmmm … I wonder if they’ll top off my gas tank, while they’re at it?


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