‘Tis the day before Spring Break … Yay!

Once upon a time, there was a fairly small school in the land of Texas that had lots of very tired, cranky, and even teary inhabitants …

That, tatertots, about sums up what the atmosphere has been like at campus this past week. Thank goodness we start Spring Break when school ends this afternoon!

This year has been especially crazy with all the construction, the increase in enrollment despite the superintendent’s statement that the district’s enrollment is declining, the changes in programming, and suspicions & innuendos that developed as a result of the DATE grant.

Spring Break!

The week where Hub & I catch up on sleep, take care of home projects that I’ve been wanting to do but never seem to have enough time on the weekends (notice I didn’t say, “we’ve been wanting to do … “), reignite workouts, catch up on sleep, take my annual Spring Break trip with Queen Mum, crank out my last two semester projects for my Principalship class, and catch up on sleep.

Oh and one last thing:

I get to move my classroom again. The intent is for the movers to move all my boxes and furniture over the break.

Without me there to supervise.

Not liking that.


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