Out of our hands now

March 12

The DAY that my committee-mates and I have been working toward with eager and almost manic anticipation.

Today was the day that we released our grant application to begin its journey up the “food chain” on its way to Austin in time to meet its final deadline of April 8th.

We had our final campus vote yesterday afternoon. The campus, thankfully, voted for us to continue with the application process. No sooner did we complete the ballot count than we received an e-mail from Austin with recommended revisions to the application. Gaaaaah!

The world’s greatest librarian and I spent the morning working on most of the revisions. I finished the balance of the work after lunch. When I called Central Office to see if we were meeting with the superintendent, the district’s PM said that it wasn’t necessary and to send the application on up to him for his review before it lands on the superintendent’s desk for her signature. After it leaves her desk, it’s on to the school board for their approval. The stop after that? Austin.

And so our “baby” has begun it’s journey.

Fly little application …



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