Saturday afternoon with Mum

I got to spend yesterday afternoon with Queen Mum. She & I haven’t spent much time together lately and it’s always nice when I can push everything aside and go “play” for a bit.

I took her to the movies. She bought the tickets, I bought the soda & popcorn. We laughed through the movie and then, because she & Da had asked how much longer before we spring for a new paint job for “Kermie,” I asked her if she wanted to see what Hub’s getting me for graduation.

So we headed to the Volvo dealership to look at the C30s.

And we found the color I want and it was fully-loaded and I really, really, really wanted to test drive it but dug down deep for self-control and said, “Now Mum, I’m really serious. I’m not in the position to buy so I don’t want to test drive it. I don’t even want to talk to a salesperson right now.” She said that she did and I would just have to tag along.

In the end, she respected my wishes and we walked off the car lot without even sitting in the car.

I really, really, really did want to take it for a test drive, though.

Deep down inside.

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