Lisa’s Life List & Other Valuable Lessons to Remember

  • cotton = chafing
  • give credit where credit is due
  • God’s timing isn’t always my timing
  • hydrate & stretch
  • if it’s important & needs to be done, WRITE IT DOWN
  • if you can’t pay cash for it, it’s either too expensive or not worth buying
  • in good times and in bad … PRAY
  • it doesn’t matter WHEN you finish, it matters only THAT you finish
  • make sure iPod, GPS, & cellphone batteries are charged before leaving the house
  • relax


The acts of motivating, mentoring, empowering, coaching, counseling, facilitating, and praising are joyful and rewarding. But they can be intense and draining. To avoid burnout, Facilitator principals pay attention to their own well-being. They deal with the inevitable “pain” of leading and have developed coping mechanisms to manage their own anxieties. They define who they are from within, based on their values, principles, and beliefs, not on what others think of them. They know that “they are not their jobs.”

Facilitators recognize that caring for themselves is not selfish but essential. John Giles says, “I have to put my needs first because if I’m not at 100 percent, I can’t help others.”

McEwan (2003), 10 Traits of Highly Effective Principals. Thousand Oaks, CA: Corwin Press. Pages 62-63


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  1. God is so amazing and His timing is perfect. I came across the McEwan passage while I was prepping for Tuesday night’s class.

    I managed to help myself regain my vision and purpose yesterday and He confirmed it this morning.

    Amazing. 😀

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