Why do I want to become a principal?

This was one of three reflection questions I was asked to answer in my Principalship class Tuesday night.

I couldn’t do it. At that point in time and after experiencing two of the worst crisis-filled, intense weeks in my entire educational career, I couldn’t come up with any reasons why I want to be a principal.

And this has bothered me ever since. I even had a long conversation about this with Head Cheese the other day.

I can come up with all the standard interview answers about why I want to become a principal:

* I want to effect a greater amount of positive change than I currently do as a department chair (lame, it’s a “beauty queen” response akin to “world peace”)
* I am incredibly organized and can stay on top of any deadlines (this one is especially lame … who really hires anyone to be a leader just because they can tame the paperwork lion?)
* I love kids and enjoy working with people (well, duh. I would hope a teacher and principal would love kids and enjoy working with people)
* this is a step on my goal career ladder to becoming a superintendent (and yes tatertots, there were a couple of classmates that actually stated this one Tuesday night)

This is really a hard question for me to answer at this point in time. And it really shouldn’t. Not if I’m truly passionate about what I’m doing.

I told Hub that I’m thankful these crises of confidence don’t happen that often because they’re pretty unnerving when I fall into these funks. He looked at me and said something that shook me to my core: “Hon, they’re happening more often.”


So I have to wonder why this is occurring. Is it because I’m getting close to the end of my program and now it’s time for the rubber to meet the road? My irrational fear that everyone will finally figure out that I’m not as smart as they think I am? The normal fear of the unknown?

Whatever it is, I need to face it, conquer it, and move on.

Why do I want to become a principal?

I couldn’t answer this question the other night because for those two very stress-filled weeks, I lost my vision. The going got hard, I got tired, and I saw folks all around me … folks I look up to … giving up and living in survival mode just to make it through the day.

Why do I want to become a principal?

I think I have what it takes to transform a mediocre campus into an exemplary campus and to take an exemplary campus to it’s next level, which is to become a model campus for teaching others how to do what works right.

I know what I want my model campus to look like, how the faculty & staff will relate to each other and to the students, parents, and community. I know I can motivate people to do things that they don’t always want to do. That is why I work with some of the most difficult students in the system.

I have a vision for my model campus, and eventually my model district, and I know I have the knowledge and access to resources to make it happen.

Why do I want to become a principal?

Because I know that the only way I can make my vision become a reality is to dig deep within myself and believe that I can do it.

Why do I want to become a principal?

Just like I really believed I could finish a half marathon in under 3.5 hours … and I did … I really believe that I can be an excellent principal.

And I will.


One thought on “Why do I want to become a principal?

  1. Just because you can’t answer that question right now doesn’t mean that you aren’t following God’s Will…He wants you to become a school prinicpal, otherwise you wouldn’t have been so driven to start this crazy, work filled journey to get your degree! Stick with it girl…you’re gonna be an AWESOME leader very soon! love ya!

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