Heigh ho, heigh ho … it’s off to the grant reviewer I go

I was talking to Head Cheese about the grant application last night before leaving campus and how I don’t think I’m going to do anymore “tweaking” before we present it to the grant reviewer this afternoon.

I’ve gone through the application so many times I think I can just about repeat all of the text verbatim. In my sleep.

So why don’t I feel confident about highlighting the application’s major points to the faculty?

Most likely has everything to do with the fact that the scuttlebutt on campus is that many of the faculty are planning to vote against submitting the plan to the TEA without even listening to what our proposal contains.

Kind of feels like all the time that we spent working on it, losing sleep over it, and skulking around campus like outcasts was wasted.

The thing is, I’m really excited that I get to present our proposal to the grant guy this afternoon.

Even if nobody else on campus likes what we’ve created, my committee-mates & I are happy with the (almost) final product.

2/22/08 ~ The reviewers and the Central Office higher-ups were impressed with our product, gave us advice on how to wrap everything up with a pretty bow, and sent us on our merry way. We’ll get everything completed by Monday, send out the application to the faculty for their review and vote, and then up the chain for their approval.

Yay, one more box I can check off my list!

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