Taking on a whole lot more than I can chew

I made the incredibly painful decision to drop one of my grad classes. I had to. I have so many commitments at campus on Wednesdays that I’d never be in class and, even though there were no tests that I was responsible for, the absences would have severely impacted my final grade.

I came home last night and cried. Buckets.

Hub said he understood why I did what I did. That made me cry even more.

My immediate concern was whether I would still be able to graduate in December, I’ve been doing this grad school “thing” so long and I simply want it all to be over with. It kills me that members of my initial cohort are graduating in a few short months and I’m not crossing the stage with them. So the prospect of possibly having to push my completion date back to NEXT May isn’t even one I’m willing to consider.

On the positive side, at least I can accomplish all that needs to be done at campus and attend all required meetings without feeling guilty about not doing my job.

When all is said & done, I work so I can go to school not the other way around.

One thought on “Taking on a whole lot more than I can chew

  1. So sorry you had to make that decision. You’ll finish soon … one step at a time, and one more step, and you’ll be across that stage.

    Love you! Kym

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