Confronted by the climate buster

I was telling Hub yesterday afternoon that I would never, in a million years, have guessed who the chief climate buster was if he hadn’t stopped me in the parking lot after school and confronted me with his questions/demands/observations.

They really weren’t demands, by the way.

He said that he felt as if everybody he asked was dodging the issue and scurrying away from him.

Until he found out that I was the head of the committee.

I listened to his concerns. I agreed with many of them because some of his concerns are also my concerns.

His wife called to him and asked if he planned to be much longer. He said he was just about finished.

I left him with one last assurance: the TEA will not allow us to submit our grant application without first having the full faculty, and any interested parents, review the application and vote on whether to continue with the application process.

He left and was satisfied that I stayed and listened to him.

I went home and slept.

Because I hadn’t slept well the previous three nights since, as much as I didn’t intend to, the viscious rumors he had started had really gotten to me.


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