Came for the commercials, stayed for the game

Queen Mum will tell you that I didn’t even know who was playing last night before she & I spoke on Saturday.

Hub will tell you that I flubbed the teams when I relayed QM’s conversation about the game to him yesterday afternoon.

I usually only half-way tune in to the Superbowl so I can watch the commercials.

Last night was one of the very few times that I actually watched the game. Well, most of it. The second & third quarters were a bit boring.

Tom Petty’s half-time show? Puh-leeze! I immediately tuned out when I realized he was lip synching. Dude! You weren’t even synching the right words!

Hub was wondering if anyone besides us football-crazed Americans even cared about the game. If you’re not a football-crazed American, you probably didn’t.

If you ARE a football-crazed American and you didn’t get a chance to watch the game, stop by The Cynical Dad. He was home sick last night and blogged the entire game … including commericals. Pretty funny stuff. Almost as good as actually watching the real thing.

Congratulations to the Giants. That was quite a show. I was heckling Eli Manning one second, praising him the next.

Beliceck heading to the lockerroom before the game was officially over?

Am I the only one that found that particularly offensive?

One thought on “Came for the commercials, stayed for the game

  1. Thanks for the shout out!

    Belichick should’ve stayed on the field for the entire game. It was a classless move.

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