The flu in the house goes ’round & ’round

Yep, Hub’s got what I had last week.

He had to go visit his doc a few days ago and described to her what I had. She said, “It sounds like an upper respiratory infection and it’s very contagious.” She prescribed some meds for him to start taking THAT DAY so he wouldn’t get what I had.

He never called in the prescriptions.

His comment to me over dinner tonite as he held his head? “Maybe I should have called in those prescriptions.”

I didn’t say a word.

So here I sit upstairs and as far away from him in the house as I can get.

We just can’t afford to keep passing this back & forth!


2 thoughts on “The flu in the house goes ’round & ’round

  1. Just found your blog through Laced with Grace. My kids have been kindly passing this to and from each other since the week after Christmas!

  2. Join the club! Jesse had it first, then decided to share with me…unfortunately, I had to have TWO rounds of antibiotics to get rid of it! Hope you both get to feeling better soon! Hint: Mucinex DM (for the head) and Delsym cough syrup was the best combination!
    Take care! Love ya!

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