What I should be doing v. What I am doing

I knew I was feeling a whole lot like my old self this morning when I rolled over at 1:30am and my mind was racing with all kinds of cool ideas to implement at work and wondering how I would be able to motivate my staff to help me with them.

I also knew I was feeling a whole lot like my old self at 2:00am and I was still wide awake. So, I got up and did my homework for this evening’s class (my Principalship class is on Tuesdays. I still have to do my homework for my “touchy-feely” Human Relations class which is tomorrow night).

And I finally knew I was feeling a whole lot like my old self when, at 3:30am, still wide awake, I decided to meet my Human Relations prof’s challenge to us last week to show my team exactly how much they mean to me and how much I value each and every one of them.

I created for each person in my department and on my various inclusion teams personalized, hand-written notes.

I finally decided, at 4:15am, that I should at least get 30 minutes sleep before my alarm went off.

I slept in ’til 5:30.

It’s now 10pm. I’ve been going since well before the sun came up and I should be collapsing in to bed right now.

But I’m not.


I received several “thank you’s” from my staff for the notes I gave them and that little gesture on their part has really bouyed my spirits and I feel like I can keep working for several more hours.

The “touchy-feely” prof didn’t say anything about THAT happening!

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