75 cents a day

I’ve headed back into the traditional classroom this semester and cooperatively teach 7th & 8th grade TAKS Math for 5 class periods each day. Here’s a little morsel of what happened yesterday:

One of my 8th grade girls came up to me toward the end of class and asked if she could go to my lab to get some money from my assistant that a friend of her’s had given to my assistant to hold for her. (don’t you love how 8th grade girls talk? I do!) I told her that we thought that the money was payment for all our hard work. She looked at me and said, “No Mrs. Alvarado, that’s my lunch money!”

Me: “Your lunch money! We thought y’all had given it to us because you loved us!” I laughed, turned and asked, “Do you know how much money I make each day?”

She: (as the entire class stopped what they were doing to listen) “How much?”

Me: “75 cents.”

She: “Miss! You can make more at McDonald’s!”

Sadly, she’s probably right.


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