One of the reasons I don’t like our current political process

Hub & I were talking this evening about who we think will end up as the Republican and Democratic nominees for president. As much as I really like Mike, I have a feeling he won’t remain in the race long enough for the Texas primaries on March 4th.

And this makes me sad.

The same thing happened four years ago when another gentleman ran for president that I really liked and supported and he didn’t make it to the Texas primaries. I so wanted to vote for him! He dropped out of the race before Texans even had a chance to vote.

Before I had a chance to vote.

I want to have the privilege of casting my vote for the real candidate of my choice, but I’m afraid I’m going to have to settle for whomever is left running because my guy didn’t get enough votes to sustain the campaign in those states that had caucuses and primaries before Texas’s turn comes.

I wish the process would change so that all states had their primaries and caucuses on the same day so that all candidates would have an equal opportunity to receive votes from all citizens.

And so all citizens would have the opportunity to exercise their right to vote for their candidate … no matter how obscure the name … and not have to settle for whomever receives the most votes in the staggered electoral system we have in place now.

Wouldn’t it be nice if the “powers that be” read this and actually considered changing the process?

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