While he was sleeping

I did something today that I can’t remember ever doing before:

I worked out in the middle of the day and had a really great time doing it! No schedules. No time constraints. It was an impulsive move that I’m very glad I made.

I think I’ll even impress the Writer with this little nugget: I ran the equivalent of .25 mile today. I walked the rest of my time out on the road and really enjoyed myself.

Goal: today .25 mile, tomorrow .5 mile.

I’ve got a small army of women at school that are planning to join me in March for the Race for the Cure. Talk about a major motivator to stick to my goals!

I’m not one that has ever grasped the concept of relaxation … until maybe now.

While I could be wrong, I’m thinking this relaxation thing means “no schedules.”

I could learn to like “no schedule” days.

In moderation.

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